Missile Danger | brain damage or death, your choice.

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Safety shout-out to all the tradies out there, make sure all tools and equipment are secured, no exceptions. I remember in the early days of seat-belts becoming mandatory there was a ad that used to go something like...

"What happens to a warm fat bumble bee when it hits your windscreen 50km an hour.. "

This incident reminded me of that and the question then becomes... What happens to your head when it's hit with a drill at 50km an hour?

Remember as a tradie this is your workplace, fortunately no one was killed or left with a brain injury!

But this is a near-miss incident that requires a full investigation into all processes and procedures that allowed it to happen. Reassess the controls in your risk register and adjust as required. Don't ever make this mistake, your outcome might not be so lucky!

#PracticeSafe #Secureyourtools #SafetyFirst


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