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It's All In The Mind

Workplace Mental Health in Aotearoa New Zealand

We all have mental health, it is similar to our physical health which is a good thing, but sometimes our bodies need a reset. Anyone is susceptible to mental health challenges, and mental health challenges are different from mental health illness or disability.


According to the 'Workplace wellness Report 2019' from Business NZ and Southern Cross ...

  • In 2018 New Zealand lost 7.8 million working days and $1.79 billion due to absence

  • Stress has risen by 23.5% across businesses over a two year period

  • 35% of Kiwi's still turn up to work despite being sick 

  • 1 in 4 workers will suffer from mental health challenges in the next 12 months

Modules We Cover In This Two Hour Workshop

Self Care

Why self-care is important, recognising if you are surviving or thriving, and how to implement self-care into your everyday life. 

Early Intervention

What the workplace legal obligations are and how  early intervention  strategies can be implemented.

Stress Management

What is stress and how it helps or negatively impacts physical health. How to manage stress to minimise and assist in stressful situations, for employers and employees. 

Hauora Māori

Hauora Māori and the holistic wellness model of Te Whare Tapa Whā, cultural responsiveness and cultural diversity.


What is resilience and how can we build it so it helps us cope in stressful or challenging situations.

The ALGEE framework

An brief overview of this very successful five step response framework, which is covered in depth in the accredited Mental Health First Aid workshops available. 

Let us help you to help others

Let us help you to help others

If you can't find the workshop you're looking for, if the dates or location aren't suitable, please get in touch so we can help deliver these amazing  workshops across Aotearoa New Zealand. 

For everyone and anyone

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