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The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 means we must protect our employees and everyone who comes in contact with our workplace. Everyone in the workplace now has a role and responsibility in preventing and managing risk. No longer is just identifying hazards enough, as a business owner you now have to seek out and manage risks within the workplace. 

Make sure you comply with the HSWA 2015 (HSWA) 

We care about making a difference in the world!

Safer workplaces with better mental health and wellness support and improving population health inequities in Aotearoa (New Zealand) with hauora-focused, evidence-based research programmes.

Making Health and Safety 'App' Easy

We can help 

This simple health and safety 'App' helps you with

  • Using a paperless system 

  • Streamlining the Onsite Safety Process

  • Saving time completing forms

  • Achieving better worker engagement

Using Laptop at Home

Mental Health and Wellbeing

1 in 4 New Zealand workers and 1 in 5 New Zealand adults will experience mental health difficulties in the next 12 months!


Disruption, natural disasters, working remotely, isolation, COVID-19, mental distress, unemployment, business closures and financial crises are putting immense pressure on people and their mental health. 

Would you know what to say or how to help someone get help?


Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa

For Anyone, and Everyone... 

MHFA training empowers every day people with the skills and knowledge to provide initial support to someone developing a mental health challenge or experiencing a mental health crisis.
Become an accredited MHF Aider NOW!

Laughing Yoga

It's All In The Mind

Prevention Workshop 

Designed to help all workers with an organisational wellness approach, including modules on

  • Self-Care 

  • Stress Management

  • Resilience

  • Early Intervention 

  • Hauora Maori

MHFA Clients & What They Say

LH - Oranga Tamariki

Provided a safe and comfortable environment that enabled all participants to be challenged on current beliefs and gain a deeper understanding of mental health and mental health challenges. Best course of this nature I have attended!


I would recommend it to others.

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