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As a health care professional most of the legislation we have been working with over the years has been to protect the patient. The introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 means we also have to protect, not only the patient, but everyone in the workplace. And everyone in the workplace now has a role to play, and a responsibility in preventing and managing risk. No longer is just identifying hazards enough, as a business owner you now have to seek out and manage risks within the workplace.

Making sure you comply with this change is where we can help.

Workplace Risk Solutions

providing health and safety services for health care professionals
New Zealand 
What Services do we Offer You?

Health and Safety Systems for the Workplace.

We offer Health and Safety risk management for all industries, specializing in dental and health care businesses, so you can meet and maintain your health and safety compliance obligations. With simple and logical policies, procedures and safeguards put in place, that recognize and incorporate industry standards and codes of practice, we provide your business with the necessary tools, systems, expertise and guidance to help you save time, money and risk.

Policy and Safety Materials

Documents and Materials you need to comply with Health Safety at Work Act, DCNZ Standards and AS/NZS 4815

Training and Support

Further Support is always available with consultations, document preparation. Group, In-house and online training. (Verified CPD available)

Internal & External Compliance Auditing 

Compliance Audits for Infection Control, Hand Hygiene, AS/NZS 4815, ISO 45001, ISO 9001 
(NB: Some audits will be carried out by external assist-partners)


Gener8 Business & Life Solutions
Helping drive your dental business to the next level.

Quality Improvement Program - Health Services 

Coming Soon

Assist Partner 

Employsure New Zealand 
Practice Safe Health& Safety + Employsure Employment Relations   (NB: Special conditions & contact person apply) 

At Practice Safe we strive to improve our service to you and your colleagues, with a vision to improve the health and safety culture of your practice and ensure the long term health and wellbeing of all personnel. If you would like to stay informed on health and safety matters subscribe to our quarterly Newsletter. 

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