Bills still need to be paid though!!

As I ride the roller coaster into the end of the first year as a new start-up I just wanted to say Thank You! To the customers who have allowed us to help them - you are rock starts who care about your workers. To the support crew of family, friends and other business owners who have given us advice, criticism, encouragement and a bloody good kick in the pants when it's been needed. To the most amazing Administrator, friend and confidant, who keeps me focused when my thoughts stray or I want to give up. But mostly thanks to the 'Arses' that don't pay your bills .... because you have challenged us the most!

You're the reason:

  • we question our processes,

  • we have to remain intuitive and inventive,

  • we have expanded, refined and looked for opportunities to grow.

You have challenged our personal philosophies on how to deal with uncomfortable situations. You made use grow in some ways "meaner and leaner" and in others more adaptive and creative.

Bills still need to be paid though!!

The 30 day countdown to the first full year of the 2-5 year journey to being an sustainable, successful SME. Most of the time on track, sometimes drowning, but always focused on the end result. #PracticeSafe #futuregoals #successmindset #grateful #business

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